1. What is BBTV Fast Pay?

BBTV Fast Pay is an early payment program available to select partners where we pay your estimated Google Net revenue from your YouTube channels a month sooner. Normally, the regular payment cycle is a 45 day period to accommodate for processing times. For example, your January monthly earnings are paid in mid-March. With Fast Pay, your January earnings will be paid up front in mid-February, giving you access to early capital you can use to help grow your business. As a premium payment solution, the program comes with a 2% processing fee per month. 

2. If I accept BBTV Fast Pay, when will I be paid? 

If you opt-in to BBTV Fast Pay before the end of the current month, you will be paid on the 15th of the following month. In that pay cycle, you will receive two months of earnings: your regular scheduled payment and your early payment. For example, if you opt-in before January 31 you will be paid for two months of earnings on February 15. If you opt-in after this window, your early payment will be paid on the next pay cycle when the Fast Pay program takes effect. 

3. What if I’m overpaid or underpaid for my early payment? 

Any discrepancies to your early payment will be resolved in your next pay cycle. If you were overpaid or underpaid, we will correct your payment and you will see this reflected on the next month’s payment.

4. Is there a penalty for cancelling?

No, there is no penalty for cancelling. 

5. If I cancel BBTV Fast Pay, when will I see changes reflected in my payments? 

Please note that since you've already been paid in advance, there will be a gap month before your next payment. For example, if you cancel on January 31st, your January payment will be processed on the regular reporting schedule for March 15th. To cancel, contact your Talent Manager or BBTV Support Representative. 

6. Can I reactivate BBTV Fast Pay after cancelling? 

Yes, you can rejoin BBTV Fast Pay in a future month after cancelling. It will take approximately 30 days for a reactivation to take effect. 

7. Can all my revenue streams be included? 

Currently only your Google Net revenue from your YouTube channels will be included. If you have other revenue streams with BBTV, we are unable to include that revenue through BBTV Fast Pay. 

8. What if I have more partnered channels I want to add to the program that are not associated with this VISO account? 

By signing up for BBTV Fast Pay through VISO, only the channels associated with your signed in VISO account will be included into the program. If you have other BBTV partnered channels you want to add, you will need to sign into that VISO account or contact Support. 

9. Where can I view the terms and conditions?

BBTV Fast Pay Terms & Conditions