FAQ: Video Comparison Tool FAQ: Video Comparison Tool

FAQ: Video Comparison Tool

Bailey Bailey

1. Can I look at multiple channels? Yes. If you have more than one channel, you can review any channel you have partnered with BBTV. To select a different channel, go to the top right corner of the tool and click on the drop down arrow to choose your channel. If one or more of your partnered channels is missing, email support@bbtv.com.

2. What videos can I compare? The Video Comparison tool lets you compare 25 of your latest published videos with a minimum of 48 hours of data available in your YouTube analytics. Videos that are set to unlisted, private or that were recently uploaded will not be available for review until published and available to the public for at least two days.

3. What if I can’t see a video listed in the dropdown? Review the video you want to compare to make sure it a) has at least 48 hours of data and b) is set to public view. If you still can’t see your videos listed, email us at product@viso.tv and we’ll help troubleshoot the issue.

4. What if there is a discrepancy in the analytics? All of the data available for your review (Views, Subscribers, Audience Retention and Estimated Revenue in eCPM) comes directly from YouTube. In order to share your data through VISO, we need to wait a minimum of 2 days to retrieve your data from YouTube which can result in a different view when you view your analytics within the YouTube Studio dashboard.

5. How is the average calculated? The average baseline that your videos are being compared to is based on the videos available to you in the dropdown (i.e., if you have 25 videos available in your dropdown, your average will be calculated on these 25 videos; if you have 10 videos, your average will be calculated on these 10 videos). This allows you to focus your analysis on your most recent and relevant performance.

6. How are insights generated? Insights are generated by comparing the performance of the 4 core metrics between the two videos selected in the dropdown. When there is a significant difference in performance between videos, insights are generated with relevant actions to consider. Note that only video comparisons with enough of a significant difference will generate insights and actions for you to consider. If you do not see an insight, it’s likely that the videos you selected to compare are too close in performance. Using Video A as the benchmark, insights and actions generated will feature an opportunity to gain views, subscribers, audience retention or revenue for you to consider to either repeat success or improve performance. These tips come from the years of expertise we have in the YouTube space and working with top creators in the BBTV network community.