VISO: Video Comparison Tool VISO: Video Comparison Tool

VISO: Video Comparison Tool

Bailey Bailey

Make strategic decisions on your content and save time analyzing your videos with our new Video Comparison tool. Now you can review your video performance across the metrics that matter the most. Easily compare your views, subscribers, retention and revenue and get actionable insights on what to do next. The Video Comparison tool makes it easy for you to select and review your video performance in three easy steps: 

  1. Compare Videos: Simply select a video from the dropdown. In each dropdown, you’ll see your latest videos up to the 25 most recently published videos (must have 48 hours of data available). You can select Video A and Video B by entering the title or by searching and scrolling to find the thumbnail and title in the dropdown. 
  2. Review Data: Once you’ve selected two videos, you’ll see a chart comparing your core metrics from YouTube Studio: Views, Subscribers, Audience Retention and Revenue. This gives you a powerful visual to compare and contrast your videos in one easy view. 
  3. Take Action: If your data indicates you could take action, you’ll receive a list of actionable insights for you to review and implement in your future content. Ask yourself why a video might have performed better, make notes on content and plan to either optimize existing content or plan for future videos. 

The video comparison tool is a great way to learn why one video performed better than another. We provide more insights when there is a greater difference in performance between videos, so keep that in mind when selecting videos. Here are a few different approaches you can take:

  • Compare videos that have a difference in views
  • Compare videos that cover a similar topic
  • Compare videos with similar video lengths
  • Compare videos from different series
  • Compare videos that have different formats

Take note of the insights and recommended actions that the tool provides you, and implement what recommendations you think will work best for you in your future videos.