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VISO: Catalyst for Chrome

Bailey Bailey

VISO Catalyst for Chrome gives you automated and intelligent optimization tips while you edit and upload on YouTube. Through the optimization of your channel's titles, tags and descriptions, you'll be able to reach a wider audience. BBTV partners have exclusive access to this incredible resource that is free with partnership!

If you haven't accessed this tool yet, just follow these quick steps:

  1. Install VISO for Chrome on your browser from the web store
  2. Once the extension is downloaded, a V logo will appear in the top right corner of your browser. Click on the icon and a drop-down menu will appear, under the first tab you'll see the option to select 'Upload with VISO for Chrome' or 'Edit Video in Your YouTube Library'
  3. To use VISO for Chrome on a new video you're adding to your channel, select 'Upload with VISO for Chrome', you'll be taken directly to the YouTube Studio with an upload pop-up where you can select the video you'd like to add
  4. To go back to older videos and use VISO for Chrome, select 'Edit video in Your YouTube Library', this will take you to your channel videos where you can click to pencil icon beside the thumbnail to optimize
  5. Either way you do it, you'll be prompted by a screen that shows the titles, tags, and description with suggestions made by VISO for Chrome when you click on each section. Here are some tips for optimization with VISO for Chrome:
      • Title: Be catchy! The first two words of your title are the most important, use these words to describe what your video is about. Be natural, and offer context.
      • Description: Use natural language when describing your video, with the most important words toward the beginning (hint: use the same two words you used to kick off your title!). After describing what the video is about, include information on your channel and social media handles and contact info. If you happen to utilize any outside information, or a particular product that you'd like to share with your viewers, this is where you'd include links.
      • Keywords: Maximize your reach and fill out the full 500 characters! It’s important to keep your tags relevant to your content and channel. The first line of your tags are most important, keep that in mind when selecting the order of the words you use. Select both single word and multi word tags, each creator searches for a topic in a different way.

Always remember: consistency is key!, if you have “Spring Makeup” in your title, ensure that it’s also in your description and keywords.