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How can I be found by more creators?

Your Profile can only be seen by VISO users for now.  Be sure it’s set to Live so other users can see it. Make sure to add all your preferred languages, set your location, and include several interests so you can connect with more creators.  Start typing in the Interests section to search our list of popular terms, and if you have a suggestion for a new term feel free to contact us.

Do I have to share my location?

Your location can be added when you first onboard to VISO, or anytime from the Profile page.  Sharing your location is entirely optional; you can choose not to share your location or delete the information at any time.  To protect your privacy, only your nearest city is specified, not your exact location. Check out the privacy policy from the link at the bottom of for information about data use. The benefit of adding your location is that you will be found by creators looking to connect with others in their local area.

What should I write in my Bio?

Be creative!  Summarize what brought you here while showing your personality and your communication style.  Highlight if there is anything specific you are looking for in a potential collaborator.

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