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How do I chat with another creator?

Once you have found a profile that looks interesting, hit the “Chat” button to jump through to your conversation.  You’ll see guidance on how to approach the new conversation; from there start typing and hit [Enter] to kick off your chat..

How do I know when I receive a message?

As long as you have allowed Chrome browser notifications, you will see a notification appear on your desktop or Android device when you receive new VISO Chat messages.  You’ll also see the number of unread messages on the Chat icon at the top of VISO and next to the sender’s name within Chat.

What do I do if I do not want to hear from someone anymore?

When chatting with someone, you’ll see a slim version of their Profile to the right.  Use the “...” menu to block someone from messaging you. If the conversation becomes inappropriate, you can choose to report the behaviour to BBTV.

You also have the more general option of withdrawing from messaging entirely by visiting your Profile page and using the “...” to set your Profile to Hidden. A Hidden profile will prevent you from showing up in Community as well as exchanging messages with other creators.

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