Mid-Roll Ad Breaks Mid-Roll Ad Breaks

Mid-Roll Ad Breaks

Bailey Bailey

Does a lot of your content exceed 8 minutes? You may want to include ad breaks! This is a fantastic way of generating extra revenue from your videos when you create longer form content. There are two ways to place mid-roll ads:

  • Automated ad breaks: You can turn on automatically placed mid-roll ads, which means YouTube will find the best ad placement and frequency to create a more balanced experience for viewers
  • Manual ad breaks: You have the ability to manually select where you would like ad breaks to happen. If you choose this option, there are a few best practices to keep in mind: 
    • Try to place at natural breaks for best results
    • Avoid placing mid-roll breaks at disruptive points, such as mid-sentence or mid-action

Interested in enabling ad breaks on your channel? Visit the YouTube Help Center for more information!