A Step-By-Step Guide To Epidemic Sound

Struggling to find the right soundtrack for your uploads?

As a BBTV Creator, you have access to Epidemic Sound’s massively expansive music library, with zero costs, and all usage rights cleared forever! Offering over 30,000 copyright-safe tracks, log into Epidemic to give your videos the professional touch they deserve (without the worry of strikes or claims)!

Epidemic is the home for artists across the music spectrum, extending from energizing house, catchy pop, dubstep, classical, and cinematic scores! Whatever your video needs, Epidemic has the music that will set the stage, amplify the drama, and drive the action.

Haven’t gotten started on Epidemic Sound yet? Here’s a quick rundown on how it works:

If you know the kind of music you’re looking for, they’ve got a quick fix:

  1. Go to the start page.
  2. You can go to the quick search and type “happy” or any term that sums up the mood you want to capture.
  3. Go through the results and find the track that best fits.
  4. Download and place the tracks in your video.

Creator Tip: What makes Epidemic uniquely awesome is that you can get specific parts of each piece! Download each element individually to build a custom tune that fits your video by playing with different variations of music with the same theme. Voila! All done!

But what if you don’t really know what you’re looking for?

It’s super easy, just head over to the Browse function and start trying out the options. Here’s an example of what this could look like:

  1. Click moods, if you know the feel of what you want but you’re not sure the exact type of tune you’re after.
  2. Go to tempo, and help set the pace.
  3. Add in more specifics (i.e. length, genre) to help filter results.
  4. Find something you like, but it’s not quite perfect? Click the Find Similarbutton next to the track.
  5. This will refresh your search with only tracks that are similar to that one, and makes browsing for new music super simple.  
  6. Then download, save to desktop, and import.
  7. Put it in a video and you’re golden!

This is only touches the surface of what’s possible in Epidemic Sound! You can search for tracks in the album section and find music that matches up with thematic elements of your uploads.

You can also create projects and playlists. This way you can manage your music and save tracks to a single spot. Then, you can share this with collaborators!

So sign up, download, use, and share! Get started on Epidemic Sound today!

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