Epoxy - Awesome Social Tools

Want to grow your following by going beyond YouTube? BBTV gives all network partners free access to Epoxy!

Awesome social tools for everything YouTubers do

Epoxy allows you to see every fan that’s talking about your videos and commenting on your posts across all platforms! No matter if the conversation is on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you can connect to it from Epoxy!

With Epoxy you can:

  • Manage all your social networks from one place.
  • Share video seamlessly to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Discover and connect to your top fans.
  • Create 15-second trailers for your videos on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Find fans you didn’t know existed.
  • Focus on the most important activity on your channel and across social media.
  • View your trending videos on Twitter, even from tweets that don’t contain your handle.
    • + More!

Best of all their personalized support team is available via live chat or email to answer all your questions about the platform!

Free for BBTV Creators
Epoxy’s service usually starts at $20/month – but because we love to give our creators more tools to grow even huger online, we’re offering them Epoxy 100% free!

>>Discover Epoxy now<<

And remember, we’re always finding new ways to help you thrive as a creator, but success is ultimately up to you! So go beyond YouTube and discover every opportunity to grow your channel with Epoxy!

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