Epidemic Sound has Arrived for BBTV Partners

You’ve got the video, now we’ve got the soundtrack!

BBTV announces an exciting partnership with Epidemic Sound that starting today December 1st, gives all network partners access to over 25,000 high-quality production tracks.

Sick Beats? More Like an Epidemic of Sound.

Epidemic Sound offers the largest and fastest growing non-collective production music library in the world, all available online for instant download and use completely rights-free with zero hassle or restrictions!

Music Without Limitations.

Epidemic is reinventing production music by allowing subscribers to split compositions down to STEMS, or individual tracks where instruments can be heard and edited separately. This allows you to create something totally unique from over 100,000 sound files right at the tip of your fingers.

So BBTV Partners – go ahead and film your latest upload. Then log in to Epidemic Sound to discover the perfect soundtrack, completely and totally cleared of all rights!

And remember, we’re always finding new ways to help you thrive as a creator, but success is ultimately up to you. So get into the groove and discover the opportunities of the best musical catalogue out there.

Check out Epidemic Sound now.



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