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A channel ad is a promotional spot for your channel, customized for use in the Fan Finder program. These will play as skippable TrueView ads prior to video content from another partner on YouTube. The YouTube Fan Finder Program is part of an ongoing effort to build audiences on behalf of our partners.

YouTube has and may continue to promote your content across YouTube, including on watch pages and search pages. As part of this ongoing effort, YouTube may promote the channel ads you provide and/or your videos that are algorithmically selected, with YouTube funding and managing the ad campaigns.

Viewers clicking on these ads will be brought to your channel. All eligible partners are automatically enrolled, but you can opt out at any time. For more information, or to get started please visit this link:

Please note that opting out of Fan Finder does nothing to affect which ads run against your channel. The YouTube Fan Finder campaign works just like any other True-view-based advertising campaign (e.g. pretend as if YouTube were like a P&G or other large advertiser) - the ads are run against channels based on campaign targeting and other demographic/user behavior triggers. Opting out of Fan Finder would only make it so that YouTube would not run your channel's own ads against content on YouTube.
Please note that your channel needs to have over 1,000 subscribers to be eligible for this feature. If you have any questions about any of this you can always contact us. 
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