All About Third Party Claims

What is a Content ID Claim?
If your video has been claimed by a third party, then most likely it has been matched by Content ID. You can check the details of any match policies that have been applied to your videos by clicking the descriptive link next to the video in your Video Manager. A Content ID claim has the ability to block, track, or monetize your video depending on the match policy decided by the third party. A contend ID claim means you cannot monetize the video you have uploaded. It does not usually have any effects on your partnership status unless the third party decides to remove the Content ID match and replace it with a Copyright claim (which is very much possible).
Blocked Videos:
If a copyright owner uses Content ID to claim and block your video worldwide, you’ll be warned that your account is in danger of falling into bad standing. If you receive a second global Content ID block within 30 days, your account will fall into bad standing. The penalty associated with each global block expires after 30 days. If you believe that a video has been blocked in error, you may dispute the associated claim. Keep in mind, invalid disputes can result in copyright strikes.
The penalty associated with each global block expires after 30 days. So if they get a 3rd global block within 30 days of their 2nd, they will be in bad standing for another 30 days from that point.
Videos that remain live: Monetized or tracked videos
With many Content ID policies, your video will still be available on your channel on YouTube, but the content owner may choose to monetize and or track the video.
For monetized videos, there may be display ads on or around the video or there may be a promotion inside and/or below the video to let fans discover more of the creator's content. 
For tracked videos, your video will be unaffected. However, the content owner may track viewership statistics for your video to decide in the future what they would like to do. The content owner has the ability to take down a tracked video at any time. They can also decide to monetize it or leave it as is. 
Dispute or Appeal Content ID Claims
From your Video Manager, you can click the underlined link to the right of the video's Edit menu to learn more about its claim. If you believe that the claim was made in error, you can dispute it directly from that page.
If you've already disputed a Content ID match and believe that the content owner erroneously upheld the claim, you may be able to appeal the decision. More information can be found here:
Please be aware that we are not able to assist you in retracting any third party claims or notices from any channel. We strongly recommend all partners to refrain from uploading material that is not theirs. If a Content ID claim is severe enough, you may receive a copyright strike. If numerous copyright strikes are placed on your YouTube Channel, it could jeopardize your YouTube Account, and your network partnership. We hope this information will help you avoid that.
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