Comment Monitoring Tool

The VISO Catalyst's Comment Monitoring tool, accessed from the "Engagement" tab on the left side of your account, allows you to see the latest comments across all of your videos in one location.

This new feature allows you to track comments based on specific language, users, and high profile channels.


 You can track specific terms and remove unwanted comments with a click.  You can also enter a specific viewer's name in the tracker to track that viewer's comments.  


You can start and stop tracking your comments at any time.

You can find what's called  "Engagement settings" in the general settings area with an "Influencer Threshold" which is set to 1000 as a default. You can change that number under settings. That is a threshold for you to set and it depends on what you consider as influential. If it's set to 1000, that means our Engagement tab algorithm finds and marks (yellow star) comments from users with at least 1000 subscribers as influential.

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