Un-monetize A Video

The main purpose of being a partner with a network is to monetize your videos. As soon as you upload a video, that video is now being claimed automatically. If you have uploaded a video but you don't want to monetize it, you can unmonetize that video after it has been claimed.

Go into your Video Manager and click on the blue monetization icon next to the video you want to unclaim:

Then, under the monetization options drop down menu, choose "Track in all countries"

After you save your changes, you can go back to your Video Manager and see that the monetization icon has turned black. This means your video is not being monetized anymore. If you would like to remonetize your video, you can always do so by clicking on the black monetization icon and changing the Usage policy back to "Monetize in all countries."



Please note that this procedure may not work all the time, and sometimes, your videos may be auto claimed again because you are in a partnership program with the purpose of monetizing your videos. If you wish to not monetize a video, we suggest you upload it on a channel that is not partnered, or set your video to private. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us by submitting a request.

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