All about YouTube Live Streaming

Who is eligible for YouTube Live?

Any channel is eligible for live streaming. There are a couple of requirements though, which are:

  • Your account must be in good standing
  • You must have no copyright strikes

How can I get live streaming?

At the moment YouTube is rolling out live streaming to all partners. Please visit this page to enable Live if your account is in good standing with no copyright strikes.

How will I know when it has been activated?

Live-streaming will be enabled instantly! To check if live streaming is active all you need to do is go to your YouTube account and open video manager. If it has been activated you will see the option "Live Events" on the left hand side list. If this is there then you can open this up and create your first live streaming event.


And finally....

For detailed FAQs and information on live streaming, including technical streaming details, then please click here to visit the YouTube help pages on this subject.



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