This walk through will guide through the simple steps to optimize the tags on one of your videos

Open up the optimization tab


The first step is to open up the "Optimization" tab, this can be done by clicking on the section shown in the screenshot above

Filter which videos you want to view


If you want to filter your videos in a different way to the list click the drop down box and then select what you want to see. In this example we are filtering by which videos have been optimized and which haven't.

Select the video to optimize tags on


In the view above we've now sorted by all videos which have not been optimized. To optimize a video(s) follow the steps above.

* If you optimize more than 1 video then once you've completed the first one, you will be taken automatically to the next selection.

Choose your tags


Now the important bit.....choosing your tags! You will see your existing video tags as well as some other recommended tags listed on the left hand side.

Next to this on the right hand side is the VISO Keys optimal list of tags. This is made up of keywords generated by our technology, as well as your own keywords which have been included as relevent. You will notice that some of the text is highlighted in different colors, for an explanation of what each color means then click on the "?" in the top right hand corner of the section.

To add words or phrases from the current or recommended tags list all you need to do is click on them to move them over. To remove them all you need to do is click on them again in the optimized tags list and they will be removed. If you want to add your own new tags not listed anywhere here then please just enter them in the free text box at the bottom and click add.

Remember that the final decision on what to include is completely up to you. We've generated what we think will work based on our patented technology, but if you want to mix and match then that's absolutely fine.

When you're happy with the selection you can go ahead and click "Publish" in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Confirm optimization


The final stage is to confirm your selections and make those tags live.


Congratulations, you have successfully optimized your first video. Don't forget to check back in 2 weeks to see how those new tags have performed.

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