Authenticating your Channel

If you have linked your account with G+ recently, you may come across an authentication error when you log into VISO Catalyst for the first time after you have linked your channel with G+. If you click on the settings icon on the right hand corner, you can see a list of your authenticated channels, and if you see one in red, it means you need to re-authenticate that channel due to a YouTube platform update.


Don't panic though, you can easily fix this by re-authenticating your channel by clicking on "Authenticate on YouTube".


Select your Channel, not your Gmail account, when you are prompted to select an account. (If you are not sure which account to choose from this list, you can do it once per each account to make sure your channel is authenticated)


Click on Accept to link your channel to VISO Catalyst. 

You will see the message again but this time it will look a bit different: You can click "I'm Done".


That's all you'll have to do! If you run into any technical issues or error messages not covered in this article, please contact us!

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