Channels with Disabled or Inactive AdSense Account

Whilst YouTube generally is correct in the application of these statuses, they do on occasion get this wrong. In this situation it is recommended to read through the YouTube FAQs on the subject HERE, and if you believe you have been unfairly classified in this manner then fill out the appeal form HERE.

The main reason that YouTube does disable or deactivate accounts is where it deems there has been suspicious click activity generated from a channel. When it detects this it will automatically place one of those statuses on the account.

It's also important to remember that you do not have to have created an AdSense account for it to be disabled. YouTube will often preemptively disable an account prior to its creation, they will do this on channels where they have detected suspicious activity. They treat this situation in exactly the same way as if an account has been created and unfortunately we cannot partner channels in this situation either.


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