All about AdSense

AdSense is a tool which allows channel owners to manage the payment of revenue for ads displayed on their content.

It's important because if your Adsense has been classified in a certain way then it can delay or prevent the partnership with us from being completed. Read on for more details.

AdSense FAQs:

My AdSense account is disabled or inactive, what does this mean?

One common problem encountered during the partnership process is a disabled or inactive AdSense account. These are statuses YouTube applies to certain AdSense accounts to protect advertisers on the platform from paying for illegitimate clicks.One of the mandatory conditions YouTube imposes on us as a network is that we are only able to partner channels who's AdSense is active. Or, where an Adsense account has not been created, that it has not been preemptively disabled.

Why has my AdSense been disabled or deactivated?

The main reason that YouTube does disable or deactivate accounts is where it deems there has been suspicious click activity generated from a channel. When it detects this it will automatically place one of those statuses on the account.

It's also important to remember that you do not have to have created an AdSense account for it to be disabled. YouTube will often preemptively disable an account prior to its creation, they will do this on channels where they have detected suspicious activity. They treat this situation in exactly the same way as if an account has been created and unfortunately we cannot partner channels in this situation either.

What can I do about this?

Whilst YouTube generally is correct in the application of these statuses, they do on occasion get this wrong. In this situation, it is recommended to read through the YouTube FAQs on the subject, and if you believe you have been unfairly classified in this manner then fill out the appeal form.

If you've never had an AdSense account you can create one and link it to your YouTube channel to speed up the partnership process.  If you ever have issues completing your AdSense setups before partnership (weird error messages making it impossible to further complete the AdSense/monetizing steps), we found that switching browsers (e.g. to Google chrome) may help resolve the issue.

My appeal was successful:

Let us know your appeal was successful by clicking "Submit a request" above, please include the confirmation text you received from AdSense notifying you of this.

My appeal was unsuccessful:

If you are not successful then, unfortunately, we will not be able to partner that channel.


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