Why are my Monetized Views Lower than my Total Views?

A monetized playback occurs when your video is being served at least one ad while someone is watching it. Ads are not shown every time someone watches your video. The monetized playbacks, therefore, show you the number of views where an ad was shown and are always lower than your total view count.

- Overlay ads and Sponsored cards: You get paid if a viewer clicks on the ad to fully watch it.
- Skippable video ads: You get paid if a viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the ad.
- Non-skippable video ads and Long non-skippable videos ads: You get paid if a viewer watches the ad.

- Mid-roll ads: You get paid if a viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the ad.

Whether a viewer sees an ad on your video or not depends on several factors, such as their language and country settings or their previous online behavior. Some viewers might also have an ad blocker installed, which prevents them from seeing any ads while watching your videos.

Sometimes, viewers will start watching a pre-roll ad (an ad shown before your video) but will leave before the view is monetized, e.g. by skipping the ad or leaving your video. This counts as a monetizable view that was not monetized. This means that the view was selected for an ad, but it was not monetized.

Also, some countries are not appealing to advertisers so viewers from those countries may not see any ads even if a video is being monetized. Views coming from specific countries will not be monetized. To increase your monetized views, we suggest creating content that is attractive to viewers in countries where advertisers would want to show their ads, for example, but not limited to, countries in North America and Europe.

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